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Senior Trial Attorney - Juvenile Division

Albuquerque, NM
Full Time
Exp.: 5 - 7 Years
This position provides for the prosecution of Delinquency and Youthful Offender cases. This position is unique to the Office of the District Attorney in that the prosecution of every Delinquency and Youthful Offender case requires the application of Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure in conjunction with the Children’s Code and case law specific to Juveniles. All levels of crime are prosecuted from misdemeanors to 1st Degree Murder with 85% of the caseload being comprised of felony level offenses. Prosecution is vertical from case intake to final disposition and through Probation Violation proceedings if applicable. Prosecutor is also responsible for post-adjudication motions and hearings as well as Grand Jury presentations or Preliminary Hearings. Prosecutor may be required to undertake special projects such as participation on committees and representation at meetings held with Juvenile Justice partners. Prosecutor will be required at times to attend meetings or events held during the lunch hour or after work hours. Prosecutor will be responsible for providing advice and guidance to law enforcement and for assisting attorneys outside of the division with juvenile questions and issues.

Working Conditions:
Work is performed in office, courtroom and community environments. Incumbent may be required to work occasionally under stressful situations and/or conditions. We work as a team and everyone exhibits a willingness to help co-workers and perform duties and tasks as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
  • This position requires comprehensive and current knowledge and skills in the areas of criminal
  • prosecution, the rules of evidence and rules of criminal procedure; an ability to learn and apply new knowledge in the area of Children’s Law; an openness to guidance; ability to engage in positive public relations; organization and supervision; basic computer skills including working knowledge of office systems; trial skills; ability to draft legal documents; ability to work effectively with other agencies within the Juvenile Justice System; ability to communicate effectively; ability to research/analyze information and situations; ability to multi-task; maintain a professional appearance; remain professional in highly stressful situations; capability of analyzing and resolving cases in a way that promotes justice. Works independently with minimal consultation with supervisors (except for higher profile or complex cases). Significant prosecutorial discretion on cases within assigned case load.

  • Open to an attorney of any experience level with pay based upon experience.

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