Self-Help Center Assistant Attorney

Redding, CA
Job #: 2019-701 Salary: $33 - $47 Hourly
Distinguishing Characteristics
This management class is an at-will position that exercises a high degree of independent judgment in administering the activities of the position.

The Assistant Attorney class works in court-wide self-help assistance programs and is distinguished from the Self-Help Center Attorney in that the latter class has direct responsibility for development, management, and evaluation of self-help services, center staff, program policies, procedures and guidelines. This class is distinguished from the Family Law Facilitator in that the latter class has direct program supervision of services mandated by Family Code section 10000-10015, including facilitating family law proceedings on child and spousal support and other related proceedings. This class is also distinguished from the Research Attorney in that the latter performs legal research for judicial officers.

Example of Duties
  • Provide assistance to self-represented litigants in areas of law including family law, guardianships, various types of restraining orders, landlord/tenant matters and small claims.
  • Provide one on one service and legal assistance to litigants including detailed information about court processes and procedures, document preparation, document review, and analysis of issues. One on one assistance may be provided in person, by email and by phone.
  • Conduct workshops and clinics requiring group presentations including assessment of a litigant's issues, information about court processes and procedures, and instruction on completion of documents.
  • Undertake brief services (triage) to provide basic information about court process, make a referral to a service provider, and provide appropriate court forms.
  • Record required data regarding services provided.
  • Provide assistance to staff regarding complicated issues and conduct research as needed.
  • Supervision of staff at the direction of or in the absence of Self-Help Center Attorney.
  • Adherence to program goals, to court's personnel policies and procedures, and to Code of Ethics.
  • Assists the Self-Help Center Attorney to prepare correspondence and reports.

Possess a Juris Doctor Degree and active membership in the State Bar of California.

Knowledge of:
  • Legal terminology, process, procedures, and legal documents, including Judicial Council forms.
  • Legal research techniques and standard legal reference materials.
  • General principles and procedures of family law, guardianships, domestic violence, variety of civil restraining orders, landlord/tenant law, and civil law regarding small claims.
  • Office administrative practices and procedures, including filing and operation of common office equipment.

Ability to:
  • Be courteous, respectful and effectively interact with the public, court staff, and bench officers to deliver quality customer service.
  • Adhere to court's policies and procedures, rules of professional conduct and Code of Ethics required of all court employees.
  • Communicate effectively in person, and over the telephone or by email with people who cannot read or write, have limited comprehension, have difficult legal and financial problems even though they have very little or no income or assets, have learning disabilities or limitations, have physical disabilities or limitations, speak languages other than English as their primary language, are confused, angry, hostile, or frustrated with the legal system;
  • Synthesize complex or diverse information, collect and research data, use intuition and experience to complement data.
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships, exhibit tact and consideration, display a positive outlook and respectful manner and to work cooperatively in group situations.
  • Apply yourself to assigned duties, increase productivity, seek increased knowledge and skills within the job classification, to ask for or provide help when needed.
  • Interpret correctly a situation, make sound evaluations and practical decisions, and include appropriate people in decision making process.
  • Demonstrate accuracy and thoroughness, display a commitment to excellence, apply feedback to improve performance, monitor own work and that of staff to ensure quality.
  • Exhibit objectivity and openness to other's views and contribute to building a positive team spirit and meeting team goals.
  • Encourage open communication, deal effectively with others in difficult situations, use appropriate interpersonal skills, keep emotions under control, and use negotiation skills to resolve conflicts.

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