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Legal Intern

Fairfield, NJ
Salary: $13 - $15 Hourly
You’ll work alongside the corporation’s General Counsel and directly under the supervision of a soon-to-be hired In-House Counsel as part of a small, but rapidly growing legal department. You’ll also have the opportunity to stay on board past your internship, and hopefully join the legal team upon graduation (and the passing of the dreaded NY/NJ bar exam).

Who are we? Global consumer goods marketing, manufacturing, and distribution powerhouse Ontel Products Corporation is a leader in the As Seen on TV industry and the developer of some of your favorite everyday products: from creating the Arctic Air portable space cooler to launching the ultimate summer party cooler (the Chill Chest) and bringing the Simply Straight heated hair straightening brush to life in stores across the world, we've got it all...and we have a fantastic opportunity waiting around the corner for you! Work with,,, and more!

What are we looking for? Rising talent with an appetite for success and unparalleled work ethic to assist our General Counsel and soon-to-be hired In-House Counsel with a wide assortment of legal matters, particularly in the eCommerce, advertising, intellectual property, and brand protection spaces.

What can we offer you? Flexible work schedule with a boss that understands academic requirements, a relaxed work environment, the opportunity to grow out your intellectual property and brand protection skills, and monthly Zoom happy hours! We also have a fabulous espresso machine for those times you may have to stop by the office for picking up product samples or meeting with members of our brand protection team.

Why Ontel?
“The city that never sleeps” is a phrase taken from Ontel’s legal department mantra! We're a relaxed atmosphere of energetic professionals who love what we do and appreciate the ever-changing rapid environment surrounding a product launch! While our legal department is tiny, it is growing rapidly, and we'd love to welcome you to our Ontel family!

Responsibilities and Duties:
  • Conducting preliminary trademark clearance searches with assistance
  • Reviewing website copy and images for compliance with the FTC and other legal regulations
  • Drafting cease and desist letters
  • Helping the General Counsel compile responses to outstanding legal discovery
  • Conducting daily eCommerce brand protection sweeps and removing counterfeit listings from popular online shopping platforms
  • Logging into the various software systems used by Ontel’s brand protection agency and assisting in the identification of counterfeit products
  • Preparing and filing DMCA takedown requests on Shopify websites
  • Conducting legal research, particularly on warnings that may be required for certain products (e.g., children’s toy warnings, battery warnings, UV-light warnings)
  • Regularly monitoring Amazon for counterfeit products, actively protecting Ontel’s brands via Brand Registry, Report a Violation and Project Zero
  • Writing draft responses to government inquiries
  • Updating the intellectual property file chart and legal hard drive as new registrations come in

Qualifications and Skills:
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re on a journal, are top of your class, or serve as a member of moot court, we want you to have something you’re passionate about and share that passion with our team
  • Must be a current law student (2L/3L preferred) from a law school that isn’t Suits, Billions, The Good Wife, or Judge Judy
  • Must have completed, or be able to enroll in at least one intellectual property law class - mega bonus if you’re part of an intellectual property or small business clinic and you know the difference between a patent, copyright and trademark
  • Must want to learn more about intellectual property law, brand protection, eCommerce and stopping counterfeit products from the marketplace (e.g., don’t be the person who buys a counterfeit Rolex on the streets of Manhattan)
  • Must be energetic, willing to learn, and have a strong attention to detail
  • You should be patient – some of the stuff we’ll have you work on may be tedious or just plain “not fun.” We’ll also give you some projects (and opportunities) that absolutely rock. We hope you run with the stuff that isn’t fun so you can really sprint when cool opportunities (like working on a trademark or patent trial) pop up
  • Legal research isn’t always interesting, but we hope you can navigate Westlaw or LexisNexis enough to identify form documents or assist in basic research requests
  • Self-sufficient: You’re a 2 or 3L, you probably are completely new to the practice of law, and that’s “OK.” We’re not going to throw you into a boiling pot of sharks (although shark diving is pretty cool in Hawaii), but we will hand you a question and expect you to find unique ways to get to the answer, using as many resources as you can find, including our awesome team of outside attorneys who are on standby at all times
  • Organized: If you’re the law student whose folders are found within folders, you’re certainly the law student for us (See: Tort law/Intentional Torts/Battery/Elements of a Claim). You won’t do much tort law, but if you can help our busy team stay a bit more organized and you know a thing or two about Excel, you’ll be a key asset to the team and your keen organization skills will be the envy of all
  • People Skills: must be able to work in oftentimes disorganized, fast-paced scenarios with people from all industries, able to pick up the phone and contact outside counsel when stuck on a problem and in need of an expert. We have a really awesome team of outside counsel from all sizes of firms nationwide. Those attorneys are excited to answer your questions and help you grow, as both a law student and a future practitioner!
  • Strong Writer: Forget the legal jargon – can you write plainly, in language that can be read by our marketing team? Can you explain why a certain television commercial phrase just won’t work for airing due to FTC standards? While you may not know the FTC laws, being able to write in a clear, concise manner, is essential!
  • Independent – because you are an intern on the soon to be two person Ontel legal team, you’ll need to work independently, oftentimes teaching yourself things you may not know, in order to get the job done – don’t worry, we’re always on standby when you need some direction!
  • Funny – the legal department is fast paced and quite busy – it’s good to have a sense of humor, especially when “corporate” and “legal” aren’t always aligned or you have more projects on your desk than you may have hours in the day. Not talking Jim Carey funny, but witty funny.
  • Must have own laptop computer

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