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Counsel, Enforcement

New Orleans, LA
Full Time
Job #: R-003028 Exp.: 4+ Years
The Principal Counsel performs a variety of specific duties, generally including applying advanced analytical skills to provide legal interpretations regarding laws, rules, and regulations; drawing up legal documents; and representing the organization in hearings and settlements. Assigned to handle intermediate to complex investigations from initiation through recommendation on disposition. This is senior-level professional work in which incumbents are defining their assigned roles, increasing their skills, and working under general guidance.

Essential Job Functions:
  • Resolve non-complex Enforcement matters based on rigorous assessment and effective advocacy
    • Execute an effective risk-based legal strategy to assess the record fairly;
    • Recommend a fair and effective outcome, accurately assessing the evidence and applying a well-reasoned legal framework to the case;
    • Identify potential risks, defenses, individual liability and Principal Considerations;
    • Effectively negotiate settlements, demonstrating knowledge of the record, and familiarity with the law and potential defenses;
    • Contribute meaningfully to settlement negotiations and discussions with respondents, demonstrating knowledge of the record and familiarity with the law and potential defenses
    • Contribute meaningfully to internal discussions regarding legal strategy, demonstrating an understanding of the factual record and legal framework;
    • Assist in litigation preparation and contribute meaningfully to litigation, including by conducting non-complex witness examinations in non-complex litigation
    • Draft clear and organized analysis, and effective advocacy documents;
    • Plan for and conduct OTRs of witnesses, demonstrating ability to develop an effective transcript through active listening, follow-up, and knowledge of the record
  • Achieve Enforcement outcomes that are foreseeable and transparent in non-complex matters.
  • Identify and assess relevant Principal Considerations;
  • Recommend charges and sanctions consistent with A Private Corporation’s priorities and principles;
  • Draft and finalize settlement documents that clearly describe the facts, the basis for A Private Corporation charges, and the Principal Considerations that support the sanction
  • Research and identify the legal requirements for charges;
  • Identify and escalate issues where rules and guidance are ambiguous or silent;
  • Contribute to discussions with other departments regarding interpretive or policy issues;
  • Explain legal reasoning regarding non-complex matters or issues in meetings with respondents or other stakeholders;
  • Resolve non-complex Enforcement matters timely.
  • Actively monitor and advise in investigations to ensure they are focused and targeted, and identify necessary inquiries in real time;
  • Prepare cases for litigation to facilitate prompt filing, efficient document production, and a timely hearing
  • Manage time effectively to independently meet deadlines and provide work product in a timely manner;
  • Demonstrate effective oral advocacy during negotiations and discussions, facilitating efficient progress of a matter
  • Prioritize matters based on risk;
  • Establish timelines and manage teamwork and tasks to achieve them;
  • Produce timely and complete written work product
  • Identify and escalate matters or issues that require re-prioritization;
  • Avoid unnecessary research or investigative steps
  • Successfully collaborate with investigative staff to produce a sound factual record in non-complex matters.
  • Partner with investigative staff to plan investigation and fully develop the record;
  • Provide relevant and accurate legal advice to investigative and legal staff ;
  • Work effectively with investigative staff to ensure that written descriptions are supported by the record, accurate and clear;
  • Identify and escalate gaps in the investigative record;
  • Objectively review and clearly summarize sufficiency of evidence to establish a charge
  • Demonstrate ability to resolve non-complex matters with supervision, and provide high quality work in team-based matters
  • Keep managers informed and incorporate feedback into planning and execution;
  • Complete assignments in an efficient manner; leverage existing relevant precedents, such as work product in similar cases, where possible;
  • Effectively communicate with other team members about non-complex factual and legal issues for analysis;
  • Assist in litigation preparation by preparing exhibits, drafting witness outlines, and participating in strategy discussions
  • Conduct non-complex witness examinations in litigation

Education/Experience Requirements:
  • Law degree and admission to the bar.
  • A minimum of four years relevant legal experience in a regulatory or legal environment.
  • Excellent oral and written communication and litigation skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.

Work Conditions:
Work outside of business hours and overnight travel may be required.

Compensation Range for Colorado locations
Annual Salary: $84,300.00 - $151,900.00

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