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Attorney, Staff

Knoxville, TN
Full Time
Job #: 511882
Position Purpose:
Provides legal research, counsel, guidance, assistance, and other legal services related to one or more subject areas or functional areas within TVA, assisting in or performing research, or preparation and/or advocacy of TVA’s position in litigation or administrative proceedings.

Principal Accountabilities:
  • Provides legal and factual responses on routine issues and more complex matters as assigned.
  • Assignments involve investigation of legal and factual questions, often requiring substantial amounts of research and may deal with Federal, State, and/or local law.
  • May represent TVA in administrative proceedings, take depositions, conduct trial and/or hearings of of routine or less complicated cases/issues and assist in more significant or complicated cases.
  • Assignments are given in terms of specific objectives; work is reviewed upon completion. Guidance is available throughout the assignments. Work on nonstandardized or more complex problems and approaches are given study by the supervisor before being accepted or acted upon.
  • Beginning to develop expertise in one or more specialized fields. Gaining knowledge of TVA, TVA’s legal status, and legal precedent.

Minimum Requirements:
  • Education – The position requires a law degree or applicant must be scheduled to receive such a law degree within 10 months of the date of application. Having a law degree is a requirement to commence employment in this position.

  • Certification/License, etc — Attorneys in TVA’s Office of the General Counsel must be licensed to practice law in at least one state or the District of Columbia. However, TVA generally allows recently graduated individuals who have received their law degree to commence employment with the Office of the General Counsel if they are scheduled to apply for and receive such a license to practice law at the earliest reasonably available opportunity to do so, but not later than 6 months after the date of their graduation from law school unless the General Counsel, in his or her sole discretion, has granted an extension of that time period. Possessing or obtaining a license to practice law in accordance with the foregoing, and maintaining such license in good standing, is a requirement to remain employed in this position.
  • Knowledge/Skills/Abilities — The incumbent must have strong academic credentials, analytical skills and the ability to communicate effectively.

Closing Date: 14th October, 2021

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