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Attorney (Chief Trial Counsel)

San Francisco, CA
Full Time
Salary: $102,341 - $153,387 Yearly
Under general direction, an Attorney performs legal work that includes the identification of legal issues; recommendation of appropriate actions resolution of legal problems; interpretation and application of laws, rules, regulations, and other legal authorities; legal research; and analysis and preparation of various legal documents. Depending on the department or unit to which assigned, may prepare for and conduct trials.

Distinguishing Characteristics
This is the journey-level classification in the Attorney classification series, responsible for performing legal work. The Attorney classification is distinguished from the Senior Attorney in that Senior Attorneys generally handle more complex cases, trials, and projects and provide direction/guidance to Attorneys, while Attorneys generally handle less complex cases, trials, and projects, and provide lead direction to non-attorney staff, but not attorneys. However, as Attorneys gain experience and demonstrate competence, they will assume more responsibility and perform work of greater difficulty and complexity. Positions in the Attorney classification typically reports directly to a Supervising Attorney.

Examples of Essential Duties
Duties may include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Reviews complaints to identify ethical violations and legal issues.
  • Makes decisions regarding the disposition of files and complaints.
  • Conducts legal research in various areas of federal and state law, including case decisions, evidentiary law, statutory law, procedural and court rules, and legislation.
  • Prepares legal documents, including pleadings, contracts, subpoenas, memoranda, letters, proposals, and/or other documents.
  • Prepares cases for trial, including directing the gathering of evidence, preparing and filing required pleadings and motions, and preparing witnesses for testimony.
  • Performs trials, including delivering opening and closing statements, conducting direct and cross examinations, and preparing post trial briefs.
  • Writes legal analysis and provides instruction and/or advice to others.
  • Communicates with members of the public regarding complaints, rules and procedures, and State Bar processes.
  • Provides direction to non-attorney staff.
  • Maintains adequate case, file, and related records to ensure effective completion of projects assigned, and assists in the evaluation of the work product.
  • Stays informed and keeps staff within his/her areas of responsibility informed concerning the applicable law, rules, procedures, policies, and practices relating to the functions assigned.
  • Evaluates administrative problems and procedures and recommends solutions or alternative methods of procedures.
  • Participates in training and professional development activities.
  • May perform a number of other similar or related duties that are consistent with the general level of the job and the responsibilities described.

Employment StandardsKnowledge of:
  • State Bar Act and related statutes, Rules of Professional Conduct and procedures as they apply to the performance of major duties and responsibilities of the position (to be obtained during the introductory period).
  • Effective investigation techniques, case management and presentation of matters to administrative bodies and adjudicative bodies.
  • The scope and character of federal and California statutory law and provisions of the United States and California Constitutions.
  • Rules of evidence and conduct of proceedings in State Bar Court hearing and review departments.
  • Effective work coordination and strong case/project management principles.
  • Modern office practices and procedures, including the use of standard computer software such as Microsoft Office and case management system applications.
  • Time management.
  • Legal research and preparation of reports, briefs, opinions, and pleadings.
  • Mediation, negotiation, and conflict resolution.
  • Knowledge of the rules and regulations governing the practice of law in the State of California.

Ability to:
  • Analyze and apply case and statutory law to various issues and facts to draw conclusions, make recommendations, and provide legal advice.
  • Communicate complex legal issues to a variety of individuals.
  • Prepare legal documents, including pleadings, contracts, subpoenas, legal memoranda, letters, proposals, and/or other documents.
  • Write effectively in a clear, concise and well organized manner.
  • Conduct legal research.
  • Review and analyze complex documents.
  • Obtain information through witness interviews.
  • Prepare and effectively present cases at trial.
  • Speak effectively in court and to large groups.
  • Negotiate settlements and mediate disputes.
  • Demonstrate independent judgment and initiative.
  • Provide direction and guidance to other staff.
  • Work independently, as well as cooperatively in a team environment.
  • Complete multiple tasks and meet deadlines.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of State Bar documents, investigations, and records.
  • Travel by air and automobile.

Minimum Qualifications: Education:
Successful completion of a Juris Doctorate Degree from an accredited law school.

No minimum requirement.

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