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Assistant County Attorney

Manhattan, KS
Full Time
Position Summary
The position of Assistant Riley County Attorney is to represent the State of Kansas in the prosecution of felony and misdemeanor crimes, traffic infractions, Child in Need of Care cases, Juvenile Offender cases, and Care and Treatment cases for the Mentally Ill. An ACA is also to prepare appellate briefs and orally argue them before the Kansas appellate courts. Finally, an ACA is expected to staff cases with and to give advice to law enforcement agencies within Riley County.

Essential Functions:
  • Prosecute assigned cases under guidelines established by the County Attorney and within the Rules of Professional Conduct as established by the Kansas Supreme Court.
  • Maintain a working knowledge of the law and any changes.
  • Must be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer questions for law enforcement, assist with search warrants and arrest warrants, and to provide legal guidance as requested.
  • Assist governmental or private local, state and federal agencies with the promotion of public safety and the current status of the law.
  • Assist District Judges and Magistrate Judges in the administration of justice.

Nominal Functions:
As directed by the Riley County Attorney.

Knowledge of the principles, concepts, and methodology of a professional occupation. Depending upon experience, assistant Riley County Attorneys may be responsible to prosecute all levels of criminal activity from traffic, misdemeanors low level felonies to upper level and off-grid felonies. Only the most experienced Assistant County Attorneys however prosecute Off-Grid and upper level felonies.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Skills - Proficient in criminal prosecution to a level which guarantees reasonable success in prosecuting cases.

Education -
Requires a Doctor of Jurisprudence Degree.

License(s)/Certificate(s): A member in good standing with the Kansas Bar.

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