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A Message for all our users:

Since the inception of this website in 2012 we rambled a journey that has given us everything we have today. One important thing throughout this journey that was unceasing is “You- Our Users”.

And now it’s our turn to reciprocate this with the best we can imagine to give you.

Hence, we will make the following changes effective from January 1st, 2021.

For Job Seekers:

1). Easy to reach:

We are happy to inform you that [ Attorney Jobs In USA + Live jobs ] now also reach out at This shorter web address will allow users to reach our website without typing the whole name. It will redirect you to primary website

2). Consolidation of an Exhaustive list of jobs from all job portals

Before: We were covering most of the major and leading online job portals.

Now: We are now covering all major and leading job portals and many other resources including Law firms and companies to make every attorney job available to you. We will ensure that you will get exhaustive consolidation of all the Attorney jobs available within USA. Not just that, now all our registered employers will post their job directly on our website.

3). Live Jobs

Before: To optimize work output we were updating all the jobs at the day end.

Now: We will now ensure that every new job posted on various portals is also updated on our website within few minutes so that you don’t need to roam around multiple websites, apply filters and scroll hundreds of pages.

4). Immediate Support

Before: It was our practice to revert back on your queries and inquiries as soon as possible but it was taking sometimes longer than usual time which sometimes went into a few days.

Now: We are very happy to inform you that now we will be able to resolve your Queries and Concerns immediately by providing you with a 5 hours support line starting from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM EST Monday to Friday.

5). More accurate

Before: All the jobs posted on the website were previously monitored once a day to ensure that no job posted on the website is closed already.

Now: We have now specifically devoted our resources to close the job as soon as we get confirmation from the source website. Not just that we are now giving access to Employers to Post,Update,Close the job of their Firm/company. This way we will attain 99.99% accuracy and validity of the jobs listed on the website.

6). Better reachability and more care

Each day we work towards improving our services, we feel more connected to our users. In order to serve you better we will reach out to every user personally on a timely basis via emails and phone calls for your valuable feedback therefore we can be exceptionally careful while deciding new policies, creating new features, creating better user interface and much more.

With every single update in the website and service we want you to heed and take some of your valuable time to give feedback so that we can come up with the best.

For Employers:

At AJIU it is our firm belief that all employers spending thousands of dollars just to recruit a few employees, they all are entitled to be provided the right candidate with affordable pricing. Money they spend should be capitalized for the long term growth of the Firm. Thus, it is our assurance that if you are not satisfied you don’t need to pay a single penny.

That’s not the end yet, we have decided to provide more benefit to employers in following ways:

1). Free Job post with no limits:

Any registered employer can now post unlimited free jobs on our website. All our existing and new employers can post their job directly on websites. This way you will have a greater outreach to more numbers of job seekers and this will help you find the best candidate in less time.

2). 100% satisfaction or No money charged (For featuring a job):

At AJIU your satisfaction is our priority and no money can exceed our priority. With every feature job it is our responsibility to find you the best candidate. If you are not satisfied with our service you are not compelled to pay a single penny. We prefer your satisfaction over Money and that’s what matters for us the most.

3). Dashboard Access:

Previously it was not possible for us to provide every employer a dashboard but now every employer will get access to a dashboard. This will empower you directly to post, update and close the jobs at your ease giving you the ultimate control.

These are the new benefits we have decided to make available to you and we still strive everyday to make your experience smoother and more functional and your satisfaction is what keeps us motivated.

Changes in job searching

It has been quite long now that we are providing some information to all users which may or may not affect their job searching. However, To justify the price that our subscribers pay they will continue to view the company name, job source and “How to apply” details of any job listing.

More features on the way

It is just the first step towards serving you the best. We will not stop here. We are planning a few other things to enhance your job searching experience. Soon you will be browsing an entirely new website. You may also find all these website features in one handy App on your smartphone.

At last, we request you to share your valuable feedback and suggestion at


Attorney Jobs in USA Team